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  • End of Session 15, XII Provincial Council had discussed the resolution passed 18
  • Thời gian đăng: 12/06/2013 10:53:15 PM
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    \r\n Explanation of the 7 sectors including DPI, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Health, Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Population Division race, more provincial answered the specific problems of the Speaking at the session on the implementation of the policy issues, goals, key indicators in 2009. Accordingly, participants opinions proposal clarifies the criteria in the area of ​​corn, soybeans, causes reduced soybean acreage; targets for immunization of children under 1 year of age was 93.6% and only annual targets for detoxification 2,000 passengers is not feasible, the support for ethnic minority youth as apprentices is low, the implementation of the policy items that are insufficient ... Explanation and answer this problem, the leaders recognized basis, to collect opinions of delegates to adjust and supplement and strengthen implementation of the test facility policy; also explain basis, the basis of the criteria set out.
    \r\n           In a presentation at the meeting, Mr. Dinh Tien Dung, Deputy Secretary, the Chairman has overall assessment of the implementation of socio-economic tasks for 2008, and also clarify the real solution the 2009 target, the direction and administration of the province. Accordingly, in 2008, along with the general situation of the country, the implementation of socio-economic tasks of Dien Bien difficult due to inflation, unfavorable weather should progress stalled projects, development implemented slowly. However, the support of the people, along with the implementation of centralized solutions to curb inflation, ensure social security, sustainable development, economic growth in the province has reached 10, 9%. PPC has made direct effectively focus some key projects, particularly in the last months of the year, such as resettlement programs Son La Hydropower, solidifying the classroom and for teachers, administrative reform ... Chairman said that the results achieved in 2008 are very important, motivation for 2009. Regarding the objectives of the 2009 PPC to collect opinions of the Provincial People's Council, and focus on implementing several key solutions including continued implementation of inflation, the planning guidance sector projects, the economic review, adjust and supplement plans, especially master plan development of rubber trees, a review of inefficient projects, pause or cut capital investment for projects this project to focus on a number of projects, key projects and boosting administrative reforms ... To perform this task, PPC has also proposed closer coordination between the Provincial Council and the Provincial People's Committee to direct and operating effectively.
    \r\n           Discuss and approve the resolution at this session, participants mentioned many ideas continue to develop planning schemes rubber. Many participants have opinions closer look at the rubber plantation planning is an area that overlaps with forest, grassland area is reserved for program development buffalo, beef production and land cultivation of the people, for the people of policy making rubber plantation land ... After the record and consider the opinions of participants and explain the PPC, chaired the session agreed, proposals for development of rubber is a new problem, affecting many people's lives to the expressed concern, but concern is also necessary to have the determination to carry out the policy of development of rubber trees. Session agreed to vote through a resolution on development plans rubber and policies to support the development of rubber trees in the province in 2020 with the basic content of the papers presented at the PPC session, and further suggest additional PPC, adapt, improve the planning and delivery Standing People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee for consideration and monitoring.
    \r\n           Along with the resolution on the development of rubber trees, session high and also agreed to vote via 17 other resolutions: target key tasks of socio-economic development, ensuring AN QP-2009, the accounting and allocation of local budgets in 2009, the total approved budget settlement Local 2007 development plan career Education Dien Bien period from 2008 to 2015 and orientations to 2020 TOR adjusting for planning the construction of Dien Bien Phu city; adjust the content, policies and investment programs of socio-economic development of the uplands; adjust the investment allocation phase II P135; livestock development policy cattle meat production towards goods; regulations for environmental protection charges for mineral exploitation; prescribed registration fee rates for cars of less than 10-seat support policies for employees animals y communal promulgate land price of 2009 resolutions on program activities, monitoring, issue resolution and operating cost estimates of the Provincial Council in 2009, only resolutions for his work Provincial People's Council.
    \r\n           Addressing the closing session, Provincial Council Chairman A Son Season appreciate the spirit of frank, serious, promote democracy, the wisdom of the provincial People's Council deputies, contributing practically to the success of the session. He also suggested, after the session, delegates, representatives of the Provincial Council in collaboration with governments and organizations at all levels VFF voters, widely reported content, session results, motivate People actively implement the mission objectives, to the Provincial Council resolutions quickly come to life.
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