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  • Looking back on the training support human resources for small and medium enterprises in the province.
  • Thời gian đăng: 12/06/2013 10:55:39 PM
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    \r\n In the system of policies to encourage small and medium enterprises development that apply province, provincial special attention to policies to support training of human resources in the decision of Prime 143/2004/QD-TTg Prime Minister, to provide the necessary knowledge for business owners, policy managers who intend to establish businesses overcome the lack of knowledge, skills and information, step by step capacity management, technology development, technology and human resources to meet the growing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises; assist managers of small and medium business knowledge and building skills business strategies, expand domestic and foreign markets to meet the requirements of international economic integration.
    \r\n In 2005, the organization was first class entrepreneur training, total funding from the central budget to support 30,000,000, of the 52 participants (class is tested by the Department of Business Development contracts with small and medium-sized companies ATYS and coordination with the Department of Planning and Investment of implementation). 2006 has organized 7 training business management, total cost of 136.5 million contract performance, the 218 students who participated. 2008 Expected to be 9 classes (1 class training entrepreneur training courses and 8 corporate governance), held in May, June and November, a total of 390 million contract funds, Some participants expected 420 people.
    \r\n After 4 years of implementation of the decision dated 10/8/2004 143/2004/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister of the support program for human resource training for small and medium businesses in the area, generally class gave practical effect and there is a visible change in awareness of staff, particularly key staff in the business, knowledge is imparted in the classroom helped businesses are able to apply, the practical application of the process of production and business activities. The organization of the training was to ensure compliance with regulations. Training content to watch and meet the real needs of the business, the level of faculty masters, doctoral, experienced and good communication skills, provide adequate documentation as prescribed. The training has contributed to improving the quality of human resources to businesses with the knowledge and skills useful and true for now.
    \r\n Through classes on starting a business, the students have a grasp of basic knowledge of the law as established startups begin to participate in the market.
    \r\n Through classes on business management business has been gradually approaching the knowledge and the basic skills of business management, human resource management, marketing management, promotion and market expansion, industry business planning, business strategies, management techniques, technology, product quality, financial accounting, stock market and human resource management ...
    \r\n However, during the implementation of the program still faces a number of challenges, including the Dien Bien is a mountainous border, commodity production delays, the balance of income and expenditure depends on the central budget is key, so do not be proactive provincial budget spent on training support manpower SMEs, whereas commonly to October, 11 new Central Province powered announced this support, so the open class tends to be at the end of the year - the months of business to concentrate on directing accelerate business operations and prepare for new year for settlement construction, corporate finance settlement , so the ability to attract the attention of the class very difficult (the open enrollment training human resources for small and medium-sized enterprises in the province in 2006 was not planned, not canceled three (3) classes planned end of December due to inability to recruit candidates).
    \r\n To support program for training human resources for small and medium-sized enterprises in the province achieve good results and meet the learning needs of organizations and individuals, especially in business, government and central ministries concerned should consider funding for provinces and cities since the early months of the year or with the delivery of planned economic development - economic development annually, so that the province can choose the reasonable time to implement the classes held at the highest efficiency.
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