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  • The urgent solutions to prevent economic recession, maintain economic growth and ensure social security
  • Thời gian đăng: 12/06/2013 10:58:34 PM
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    \r\n In day 01 and December 2, 2008, Regular Meeting of the Government to assess the economic situation - society November, 11 2008 and the new developments of the world economic situation affects the economy, society in the country.
    \r\n Over time, with the results made 8 solutions group, inflation has been curbed, the basic macroeconomic stability is maintained, social security is guaranteed, the economic growth rate in 2008 about 6.7%. Achieving results is due to the correct policy of the Party, the administration's drastic government, the efforts of the political system and the people. From October 2008 to present, the world economic situation changes fast, complex and unpredictable, the financial crisis and global economic downturn had a direct impact on the economy of our country, making production business and declining exports, direct impact on employment and people's lives.
    \r\n In this situation, the Government determined to focus the implementation of the overall objectives and measures of the plan in 2009 that Congress XII thongqua fourth session, in which the central task and urgent is to concentrate all efforts to proactively prevent economic recession, boosting production, business, boost exports, stimulate investment and consumption, ensuring social security, economic growth efforts International 2009 at around 6.5%.
    \r\n To achieve this goal, the government has launched an urgent solution groups: Firstly promote production and export business; Monday implement measures to stimulate investment and consumption; Tuesday solution fiscal policy, monetary Wednesday to ensure social security (see details here)
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