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  • Dien Bien: Conference on Economic Development Plan - 2009 Social
  • Thời gian đăng: 12/06/2013 11:00:52 PM
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    \r\n Under the leadership and administration of provincial leaders, the conference was conducted with the participation of delegates are leaders departments, and the Fatherland Front Committee of the Party provincial leader boards of the Provincial Council, the E / C leaders representing the Party, the government district, town or city, the leaders of the Party Committee Office, Office of the Provincial Council-Union MPs and provincial offices, representatives leaders of Finance - Planning, of Labour, Home Affairs, Office of the People's Council-District towns and cities in the province ...
    \r\n           Conference Opening Remarks A / C Dinh Tien Dung, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman 2008 confirm the situation of social and economic development of the province still faces many challenges, but the interest generated conditions of the Government, the central ministries, with the drastic direction and coordination of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council - together with the PPC attempt of the branches and levels of the executive direction, we have basically completed the mission objectives of the 2008 work plan proposed. However, besides the results, aspects still exist many limitations such as main criteria while achieving high growth rate compared to 2007, but was not the plan, and shall specify the implementing a number of programs and schemes key is slow, did not meet the requirements, the disbursement of the funds invested in the development of NTP and large DA was slow, and some are socially picture contact no effective measures to resolve the situation as defense and security, social order and safety is guaranteed, but also potentially complex impact factors from outside; resident status cell free translation, direct legal advocacy, drug trafficking across the border has not been solved.
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